After completing a degree in design, I found myself living in Los Angeles. Styling and visual merchandising for Fashion and Interiors, I had the opportunity to dress a number of high-profile clientele.

One thing led to another and it wasn’t long before we were discussing their interiors. That is how my life as an interior consultant began.

My aim is to help clients translate their vision for their home into a design that reflects their personal tastes. This is the first step towards turning your house into your home and ensuring that your interior design reflects you. My job is to show you how to turn your ideas and sense of style into an interior that you love being in.

Too often putting together an interior is stressful, burdensome and no fun. As a result, people make bad decisions, creating interiors that don’t work on any level.

For me, good design is about beautiful interiors that are at the same time functional and able to meet the needs of yourself and others who will share the space with you – your friends and family.

Most importantly, the interior provides a design service that suit you and your  budget.